How It Works – A Roadmap To Recovery

By January 31, 2017Uncategorized

“Rarely have we seen a person fail, who has thoroughly followed this path …”

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous promises that recovery is possible for those who dedicate themselves to this simple program. But is it really that simple?

Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and hundreds of pages of recommended reading can all add up to an overwhelming amount of material for someone in early recovery to fully digest and comprehend.

And even after decades working the program, the most seasoned old-timer will often see the mechanics of recovery as something of a supernatural mystery, too.

The truth is that how it works is ultimately less important than the fact that it does – if you follow the path.

The exact shape of that journey varies from person to person, but the basics can be boiled down to three fundamental signposts, embodied – coincidentally – by the word HOW.

Honesty + Openness + Willingness

If you get honest with yourself and others, keep an open mind to suggestion and the workings of your Higher Power, and remain willing to do whatever it takes to stay clean and sober, before long you’ll see that the program is working in your life. Even if you’re not exactly sure how it happened.

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