Dealing with alcohol abuse, drug abuse or dependence is already challenging, but this condition can be even more difficult to manage when it occurs alongside one or more other mental health conditions. When a person has both a substance abuse or dependence problem and at least one other mental health condition, he has what is called co-occurring disorders, or a Dual Diagnosis. Although co-occurring disorders can seem overwhelming and impossible to overcome, they are actually completely treatable and mental healthcare professionals have developed several effective rehabilitation options that address all aspects of the disorders.

Clean Path Behavioral Health’s staff will build a treatment plan specifically with each individual clients needs in mind. Identifying any possible co-occurring or dual diagnosis issues the addict or alcoholic has will exponentially improve the treatment process. Many other treatment facilities have not recognized this component that is imperative to treatment. The treatment of these co-occurring or dual-diagnosis mental health disorders is what sets Clean Path Behavioral Health apart.

Our Admissions Representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about Clean Path Behavioral Health’s co-occurring disorder  program.

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