When a family member struggles with alcohol, drug abuse or mental health issues it can negatively affect the family dynamic. Families experience a multitude of emotions and many find it hard to relate to the individual who is working towards their recovery.

At Clean Path Behavioral Health, we treat the underlying issues that trigger their loved ones addiction, helping them maintain the balance of career, social and family life.

Our programs goal is to assist family members with a better understanding of the recovery process, educating them about the disease of addiction and the stigma associated with mental health. We assist families by providing them with the tools they need to help heal themselves and better communicate with their loved one.

Our family program includes:

  • Visitation
  • Family therapy
  • Family groups
  • Weekly updates on their loved ones progress
  • Family support
  • Family therapy sessions via our tele-psych service

Clean Path Behavioral Health believes in long term recovery and repairing the family unit. With family supporting the individual during treatment and after their transition home, we know this is possible.

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