Clean Path Behavioral Health History

Clean Path Behavioral Health opened its program over 5 years ago is centrally located in Orange County. We provide Residential and Outpatient care in a safe, clean and comfortable place to transition into during recovery. Our residents enjoy quiet, residential style homes minutes from the local beaches and within walking distance to everything you may need.

Clean Path Behavioral Health provides substance abuse and mental health treatment.Along with treating the substance abuse one may be struggling with, by identifying any possible co-occurring or dual diagnosis issues the addict or alcoholic has will exponentially improve the treatment process. Many other treatment facilities have not recognized this component that is imperative to treatment. The treatment of these co-occurring or dual-diagnosis mental health disorders is what sets Clean Path Behavioral Health apart. We believe that a life change is possible for anyone, and that every person is worth it. Clean Path Behavioral Health provides structure and accountability with understanding, tolerance and unconditional love. We accept our clients exactly as they are, knowing that their personal growth will inspire further change.

We have faith in the Twelve Steps, in sponsorship and in a loving higher power. Clean Path Behavioral Health is willing to help our clients with their endeavors to become acceptable, responsible and productive members of society.


At Clean Path Behavioral Health, we believe that EVERYONE is worth it.


Clean Path Recovery guides each client back to mainstream society from addiction through a simple and effective formula for success. We are committed to provide behavioral health services for adults, using both traditional and holistic methods, to cultivate positive change in all negatively impacted areas of their life.

Our Approach

Clean Path Recovery provides a strong foundation through structure and accountability with understanding, tolerance and unconditional love, believing that change is possible for anyone. We empower clients to progress through the 5 levels of lifelong change on our path to recovery.

A Message From The Founder

My clean date is May 12, 2003. Struggling with a 4 year addiction myself I decided to get clean at the age of 21. I thought my life would be over getting clean so young, but it was just getting started. Now multiple years later my life is whole and filled with so much quality. There is no looking back and I enjoy participating in my recovery.

Level 1 Discovery: A Newfound Hope

  • Establish and Maintain Abstinence
  • Identify Core Issues
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Trigger Identification
  • Craving Management

Level 2 Exploration: Acceptance and Love of Self

  • Healthy Habit Development
  • Motivation for Change
  • Positive Communication
  • Conflict Resolution

Level 3 Healing: Emotional Regulation

  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Self-Soothing Techniques
  • Emotion Management & Communication

Level 4 Purpose: Motivation through Action

  • Life Skills Development
  • Family Systems and Social Support
  • Education/Occupational Goal Setting
  • Self Help Integration

Level 5 Freedom: The Path to Recovery

  • Spiritual Development
  • Sustainment of Peace and Serenity
  • Personal Recovery Planning & Lifelong Empowerment