At Clean Path Recovery, we believe that EVERYONE is worth it.

These testimonials from Clean Path Recovery patients show the kind of difference that Recovery Residences and Intensive Outpatient treatment programs can have on your life.

Prior to coming to Clean Path Recovery I was broken, hopeless and lost. The structured living environments, paired with the supportive staff, have given me a new hope and direction in my life. The staff here understands addiction and understands that we fall short sometimes. With that understanding, they have done something which I could not have done myself – keep me motivated, optimistic, and in many ways successful.

There are many choices for treatment. I genuinely recommend that anyone looking for personal growth strongly consider Clean Path as their primary choice.

— Thomas C.

Even though I have never been though any other treatment programs, and I am still very new to this particular program, I already have a good feeling that this program is and can be very beneficial. If you use it to your advantage, it will work, but it only works if you work it.

What I get from it is almost like a college course for addiction and negative behavior. So far the education I’ve received about myself and my addiction has been amazing. I’ve already had many self-realizations and epiphanies about my addictive nature, and to me, that’s exactly what we addicts need. Clean Path Recovery has amazing resources for recovery and they push you to take advantage.

This program overall is exactly what I need as an addict. In my personal opinion, Clean Path Recovery has it going on! They certainly have my blessing thus far.

— Cam W.

After multiple relapses at other rehab/sober living facilities, I found success at Clean Path Recovery (CPR). CPR works for me, as I found they are sincere about my recovery and hold me accountable for taking action in my recovery in a safe, structured environment.

— R.C.

Clean Path Recovery has provided a new foundation for me to deal with my addictions. The housing, tools, resources, and support from staff, colleagues and the community have greatly helped me develop into a human being capable of withstanding the trials and tribulations in life. I previously could not stand on my own.

Though early in recovery, I already feel a shift in my appearance, spiritual and physical reflections. I am deeply grateful to have found a facility so welcoming to a person who has fallen from grace, and their help in escaping a road of death and destruction in favor of a clean path.

— Dorian C.

I am very pleased with my choice to come to Clean Path Recovery and gain further experience in sobriety. It is a great place to transition from an in-patient setting to a more normal life in recovery. The houses are very clean and the staff is very positive, supportive, and helpful in accommodating my needs.

Being in a great location for recovery, and surrounding myself with others who have a common goal of sobriety, has been an experience I am grateful for. I have learned a great deal about myself and have gained confidence in staying clean during my time here. This has truly been an opportunity for a fresh start and to get my life on track towards attaining the goals that were pushed aside by my addiction. I have gained a strong foundation that will help me to remain sober for the rest of my life.

— Ethan M.

Since being at Clean Path Recovery I’ve received a lot of help. Clean Path has provided a sober living environment that holds me accountable with drug testing. I’m receiving education about life skills and tools to stay sober.

Clean Path Recovery has helped me take care of my legal issues, which usually overwhelm me, Through the tools I’ve learned, I can deal with that anxiety without having to get loaded. I’m receiving help with food and rent, which gives me the opportunity to look for a job in the process. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to get my life back. 

— Derek S.

Clean Path Recovery has opportunity after opportunity, and they genuinely care about me and my well being. They have truly gone out of their way for me and continue to provide me with the opportunity to grow. The staff is very accommodating and very sympathetic to my needs, and help me deal with any issues I have.

There is a lot of structure, and I do have to jump through some hoops, but the incentives they offer are well worth it. They have truly given me one of the best opportunities I have ever had to get back on my feet. Thank God for Clean Path Recovery. There is no one else that does what this organization does.

— Steven B.

Clean Path Recovery has was a blessing to my life. I came here with some clean times but still unsure of my destination. Homeless and jobless, I found myself desperate for help. The staff here is a one-of-a-kind team. Flexible and eager to assist any alcoholic or addict seeking help.

The environment and policy provides a clean and sober path that is hard to find. The resources and treatment team are efficient and respond swiftly. They make sure my needs are met and were very understanding and supportive of my situation. Today I am blessed to say I’m very active and motivated in my recovery. My most sincere appreciation is extended to Clean Path Recovery and my affinity will remain with them today and always.

— Carlos R.

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