What Happens In Rehab? Process Groups & Personal Healing

By September 10, 2018Uncategorized

Most people know at least one truth about going to rehab: You’re going to have to stop drinking and using. But beyond that, what can someone beginning the road to recovery expect?

Each individual treatment program will be different. But one common thread through most substance use disorder treatment is the use of process groups.

A process group is a small group of people who meet to talk about their personal lives, struggles, and concerns. A trained professional or therapist usually guides the discussion, providing a topic and encouraging participation from all the group members.

Less structured than a 12-Step meeting, a process group allows for its members to receive feedback, encouragement, and support from their peers. Like 12-Step groups, however, confidentiality and a sense of safety are crucial. Members of process groups get the most out of their participation when they feel empowered to get truly vulnerable.

In rehab, you might have process groups one or more times a day.

But such groups are not limited to the treatment atmosphere.

Many therapists and counselors offer groups to people that they work with, or to the wider community.

In such cases, process groups can be an addition to your 12-Step fellowship, or maybe even the main foundation of your recovery.

Process groups also can be a part of IOP (intensive outpatient treatment), Recovery Residence, and other forms of substance use disorder treatment.

If you’re interested to learn how a process group could help you on your road to recovery, contact us today.