What Happens in an Intervention?

By December 2, 2018Uncategorized

At Clean Path, our staff recently participated in a taping of A&E’s hit show, Intervention. But if you haven’t seen it, and are wondering if intervention could be a solution for your family, we can help.

First, decide if an intervention is right for you and your loved one. If you’re concerned with a family member or friend’s substance use, and they don’t seem ready to seek help on their own, choosing this path might be an option.

If you do feel that intervention is worth a try, decide whether you want to seek professional help. Generally, families partner with a certified intervention professional to help guide the process and keep everyone safe.

Before the actual intervention, you may meet with your team several times to create your intervention plan. You’ll need to decide where it will happen, who will attend, and what you will all say. Most importantly, what is the desired outcome?

You may need to coordinate with a drug and alcohol or behavioral health treatment facility, so that you have an intake option ready for your loved one at the end of the day. Will you need to plan for drug detox, for example? Or would an outpatient rehab program be a better fit?

The day of the intervention might not go exactly to plan. Be prepared for your loved one to lash out or act erratically. Remember that it’s their disease causing them to act that way. Or, you might be surprised to find that your loved one is finally ready to surrender and accept treatment (Beste Potenzmittel).

Just remember, you can’t force anyone into recovery. At the very least, an intervention might help you find serenity, knowing you’ve done all you can to help them.

Intervention is only one small step on the road to recovery. To find out how to help yourself or a loved one recover, contact us today.