Sisters & Brothers Under The Skin: How To Find Connection In Recovery

By March 15, 2017Uncategorized

With millions of members in AA, NA, and all of the twelve step fellowships, there are millions of stories of rock bottom and recovery in the rooms.

That diversity of experience is what makes us strong, and what alllows us to act as a home for addicts and alcoholics from all walks of life.

But for some, hearing other people’s stories can increase a sense of terminal uniqueness and isolation.

One might think, “My bottom was never THAT bad. I really have nothing in common with these people.”

Or, “My bottom was SO much worse than theirs! How will they ever understand what I went through?”

Either way, that kind of thinking begins the slippery slope to a relapse.

In recovery, it’s crucial to look for the similarities and NOT the differences between yourself and other addicts and alcoholics.

One good tip is to try to connect with the feeling behind someone’s share, instead of just the surface details.

For example, if someone is sharing about losing their kids and you don’t even HAVE kids, you don’t need to zone out until the next share. Try to connect with the feelings of sadness, desperation, and shame behind the story. That’s where you’re likely to find a sense of connection.

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