At Your Service! Giving Back In Recovery

By December 26, 2016Uncategorized

To keep your recovery, you must give it away!

That’s not just another slightly mysterious recovery slogan. The message of the saying is really quite simple: Even in your early days of recovery, it’s important to include service work as part of your program.

But with so many different opportunities to be of service in recovery, how do you choose?

First of all, it’s important to have an open mind and look out for opportunities as they present themselves.

You’ll be surprised how often you hear an announcement at your meeting asking for assistance the very day after you decide to give back. Tell your Higher Power that you’re ready to step up, and the opportunity will surely present itself.

You might start by doing coffee duty at your home group, or helping to clean up chairs. Soon, you might have enough time to step up and serve as a secretary, treasurer, or someone’s sponsor. (Many home groups require volunteers to have a certain amount of clean and sober time in order to serve in those positions, and it’s best not to sponsor someone until you’ve worked all the steps with a sponsor yourself.)

Even at the most basic level, showing up to a meeting, sharing your story and engaging in fellowship with the other members can be an act of service. Indeed, it’s simply showing up that keeps the meeting going.

But no matter what kind of service work you choose, or how often you choose to give back, adding service to your recovery recipe is sure to create noticeable results.

First of all, giving back to others and following up with a commitment can help you rebuild your self-esteem after years of living selfishly in addiction.

Focusing on something outside of yourself can be a huge relief, too.

What’s more, service work is an easy and low-stress way to connect with other people in your home group.

Dedicate yourself to service, and before long, you’ll find you have an even stronger core group of recovery friends than before. And you’ll probably like yourself a whole lot more, too.

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