Recovery Slogans: Learn To Speak The Language!

By August 10, 2016Uncategorized

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No matter what meetings you attend, before long you’ll start to hear catch phrases, jokey puns and slogans spattered throughout everyone’s shares. While opinions vary on the value of these in-jokes of recovery, they can serve to simplify the more difficult aspects of working a program. Or, they might help you feel more at home as a member of the group, someone who can speak the same language.

If you’re not a fan, is it possible that you just haven’t heard the right one yet? Here are some of our favorites:

+Keep it simple, stupid.
+Easy does it.
+Think, think think!
+Don’t leave before the miracle happens!
+Let go and let God.
+It works if you work it.
+Easy does it, but do it!
+Keep coming back.
+One day at a time.
+First things first.
+Do the next right thing.
+But for the grace of God.
+Rule 62: Don’t take yourself too seriously!

If you’re not sure what one means, ask a friend at your next meeting. Or, call us at Clean Path Behavioral Health for help learning to speak and live the language of recovery.