Recovery Residence in Costa Mesa – What To Expect

By August 10, 2017Uncategorized

Getting clean and sober is hard enough, but it’s at that point that the truly transformational work of building a life in recovery begins.

Whether you’ve just finished residential treatment, or you managed to quit on your own, the first weeks and months of your life out in the real world can truly make or break you.

Giving yourself the structure and support of a Recovery Residence environment could be the second-best decision you’ve ever made – after quitting to begin with.

Located in the heart of Orange County, Clean Path Behavioral Health provides a superior level of care for male clients.

All of the basic elements for starting your new life are included:

  • Clean, orderly living
  • On-site 24-hour support staff
  • Daily transportation to 12-Step meetings
  • Focused professional vocational support
  • Access to our staff of licensed clinical providers

In a typical day, you might have a morning coffee with your roommates before meeting with a counselor to talk about your ideas for finding work. You can journal in the afternoon before hitting up an evening meeting and then crashing down into your clean and comfortable bed.

It’s a safe, solid, and fulfilling life – a glimpse of what you can have in recovery – and the Recovery Residence structure makes it possible.

But what truly sets Clean Path apart is that we hold every Recovery Residence resident accountable, every day.

In traditional Recovery Residence homes, clients are only tested for intoxication when intoxication is suggested. At Clean Path, every resident is tested regularly – so your safety is never left to chance.

And should a positive test result, our residents aren’t at the mercy of a harsh no-tolerance policy. We work with each resident to find a recovery solution. We’d never kick them out onto the street when they need it most.

Clean Path Behavioral Health is recognized by Orange County as a quality Recovery Residence provider. We are also active members of the Sober Living Network, California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR), and are probation approved.

Click here or call (949) 734-7432 to learn more about Clean Path Behavioral Health’s Structured Recovery Residence programs.