Opiate Addiction Rehab

By September 18, 2018Uncategorized

Opiate addiction has overtaken the country, with more than 100 people per day dying of overdose. Don’t become another statistic: If you’re struggling with opiate addiction, rehab might be right for you.

Opiate addiction rehab begins with the detoxification process. Attempting opiate addiction detox on your own can be very painful at least; and at worst, very dangerous. Symptoms can include physical pain, nausea, and psychological symptoms like anxiety, irritability, and trouble sleeping. In some cases, the use of medication can help smooth the withdrawal process.

Long-term users can expect five or more days of withdrawal symptoms.

From there, the real work of recovery can begin.

At Clean Path, our experienced and caring staff will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will address your particular substance use disorder.

Through individual work, process groups, and 12 Step work, you will explore why you began using opiates in the first place – and how you can avoid future relapse.

For opiate users in particular, fatal relapse is a very real danger. Going through the detox process and getting together a bit of clean time means that your tolerance will lower – maybe even without you realizing it.

After a break from your drug of choice, your body will grow more sensitive to its effects. If you do relapse, the same dose that you used to take could have much greater impact on your body. For that reason, relapse after opiate addiction rehab can be deadly.

Before you leave our facility, we’ll work with you to create an after-care plan that will keep you on the road to recovery.

A successful life after opiate addiction rehab is possible. And recovery is worth the fight.

If you’re interested in freedom from opiate addiction, contact us today.