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Occasionally, the difficulties of life can be daunting for anyone. How these challenges are handled or avoided will also be the trigger for relapse. What it is that we located at our Huntington Beach Sober Living House is that environment can be the solution to long term sobriety whether one is completely new to recovery or just coming back from a relapse. Learning to are now living in recovery isn’t one that occurs overnight or within the sober living treatment facility after 30 days. It is one way for life that typically needs strong help for those in recovery.

Sober Living Homes

In line with study, originally published through Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (2010),clients who lived in sober living homes, had healthier outcomes 3 years after completing a solution program when they surrounded themselves with large numbers of recovering addicts much like our sober living homes in Huntington Beach offer. Mainly, due to our tailored life coaching programs we believe the number to be much higher. A safe, secure, supervised and supportive sober living home can provide men the chance to engage personal responsibilities, obligations, and support in a way that may never have been present previously in the persons life.

What To Expect

Rehab & recovery  is more than detox when entering treatment or possibly a halfway house. Many individuals need assistance to tackle such things as showing up for work on time each day, showing up to commitments on time, timely rental payment, or showing subscribe others. A men’s sober community at a Huntington Beach sober living house can, if the facility is a top quality environment, function as the cement for the inspiration of long term sobriety.


In a top quality sober rehab for men, such as ours in Huntington Beach, supervision and structure mixed with the step-by-step principles in terms of a framework for living. With out a strong structure plus a cohesive method of day to day living, a newly sober addict runs the risk of getting overwhelmed by the smallest demands and lengthens the recovery process.

The thought of a sober living community or halfway house develops the addict’s sense of belonging to a healthy group of people and demonstrates daily that sobriety is possible. Huntington Beach Sober Living provides men with the life skills needed for long run recovery and a brand new sense of living the correct, enjoyable life being a sober and clean man.

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