Driving Under The Influence … While Sober

By October 31, 2016Uncategorized

One of the countless benefits of a life lived clean and sober is the fact that you will never again have to worry about being drunk or high behind the wheel. DUIs are a thing of the past, sober checkpoints are no longer a cause for dread, and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you didn’t put anyone’s life at risk on the streets.

But that doesn’t mean the bumpy road is entirely behind you.

Road rage, surprisingly, is one of the many ways that you can tell if you’re not working your program to the fullest.

Whether you catch yourself tailgating some poor old grandpa, flipping the bird at a harried soccer mom who cut you off, or simply just getting grumpy and impatient behind the wheel, ask yourself if it could be a red flag. Are you restless, irritable, and discontent because you’re in your disease instead of your serenity?

Take a moment to look at the true feelings behind your actions, and ask yourself whether there’s a fear, worry, or resentment that’s been hiding from your program and is sparking your bad behavior.

One old-timer put it best, after listening to a group member share about her neighbor’s yappy dog: He said, “It isn’t ever really about the dog.”

Once you figure out what’s actually behind your unease – and it probably isn’t the other drivers – you can use the tools you’ve learned in sobriety to address what’s bubbling up, and make the road safer for alcoholics, addicts, and normies alike.

But still, remember that working the steps is no substitute for wearing your seatbelt!

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