It’s A Date! How To Mark Your Sober Or Clean Time

By January 16, 2017Uncategorized

Starting a life of recovery is like being reborn. And just like the beginning of your natural life, it begins on a certain day that you’ll always celebrate: your sobriety date, or your clean date.

The meaning of that day varies from person to person: For some, it is the first day on which you did not take a drink or drug. For others, it’s the day that you decided to put it all down.

No matter how you define it, what’s important is that you have one.

When you’re counting days in the beginning of your program, your sober/clean date is a marker to help you keep track of your progress.

Later in recovery, you’ll celebrate your “birthday” or “anniversary” on this date, as well.

Some groups even ask members to state their sobriety date at the beginning of the meeting. Others might prohibit members under a certain “age” from sharing at all, or from taking service commitments.

Unfortunately, if you relapse you have to start again with a whole new date – assuming that you make it back into the program.

Make today your clean or sober date: Call us to get started!