Call Me, Maybe? Using The Telephone In Recovery

By September 19, 2016Uncategorized
Using the Phone

Using the Phone
It’s a joke in the rooms that even the slimmest smartphone can sometimes weigh 1,000 pounds. And for many alcoholics and addicts, the meaning of that is all too clear.

After years of hiding, isolating, and living in a web of lies, picking up the phone and reaching out to another person for honest communication can be absolutely excruciating.

No matter how painful, however, calling other addicts and alcoholics is an essential part of a life in recovery.

For one, calling someone just to chat can help you build a solid relationship, so it’s easier to call on the days that you ARE struggling and really need help.

Second, chatting with another addict or alcoholic can help you get out of your own head, breaking through negative self-talk or forcing you to reality check what you are thinking with someone else who knows about potential problem spots for people in recovery.

But third and most importantly, picking up the phone is a foundational step in learning to have open and honest relationships with other healthy people.

Many alcoholics and addicts are forced to leave behind old unhealthy relationships when they begin the journey of recovery. Part of building a new life means creating new relationships that are bigger and better, so you don’t fall back on people who could endanger the progress you’ve made. It means creating relationships that are based on true communication and intimacy — not just a shared desire to score the next drink or fix.

If you’re not sure how to start, ask the secretary of your home group for a phone list. Many meetings keep a list of numbers of members who are open to chatting with other alcoholics or addicts. Or, just ask someone at the meeting if they’d like to exchange numbers and keep in touch.

Face your feelings of fear and awkwardness to take the leap: It’s an important tool that can have big benefits for your recovery.