Am I Ready to Get Clean & Sober? The Danger of “Yets”

By January 30, 2019Uncategorized

Am I ready to get clean and sober? If you’re asking yourself that question, you probably should try. The reality is that people who don’t have a problem with substance misuse rarely ask themselves that question.

But if you have a feeling that you might have to get clean and sober one day to survive, the big question is – when?

Many people struggle with putting down drinks and drugs because it feels like they still have time to do it.

They haven’t quite hit a hard “rock bottom” and their brain is filled with “yets.”

I haven’t been arrested – yet.

I haven’t been hospitalized – yet.

I haven’t lost my kids – yet.

If there’s a “yet” floating around in your head, remember that the very meaning of that word means that it hasn’t happened – but could in the future.

If you’re waiting to get clean and sober because of a “yet,” you’re making an agreement with yourself that you’re willing to let these horrible things happen to you.

That logic is addiction at work.

Worst of all, the reality is that if you wait to get clean and sober until you hit some magic, pre-determined rock bottom moment, you might never get a chance to recover.

I haven’t overdosed – yet.

If even a small part of you is questioning whether it’s time to get clean and sober, you owe it to yourself to explore the path.

You just might save your life.

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