What’s a “Double Winner”? Working Multiple 12-Step Programs

By January 30, 2018Uncategorized

It can take years and even decades of suffering before an addict or alcoholic takes Step One and identifies as a member of a 12-Step fellowship.

But for some of us, that momentous surrender is just the beginning.

When we begin to walk the road of recovery, and heal from the effects of drugs and/or alcohol, the true extent of our sickness begins to come to light.

Many people then begin to realize that they’re not JUST an addict or alcoholic – which means they might want to work more than one 12 Step program.

It’s not as uncommon as you might think to be a “double winner” in recovery.

Some alcoholics and addicts discover that they have lingering issues from childhood experiences or relationships, which may be best addressed in CODA.

Or, putting the plug in the jug might bring your food or gambling issues into the light.

It can be a relief to find another place to talk about problems that are not exactly a perfect fit for an AA or NA meeting.

If you think that multiple programs might be right for you, there’s no harm in attending a new meeting to explore the possibility.

You also will probably want to discuss the idea with your sponsor in your primary program. And, it’s a good idea to complete the steps in just one program first, so you can focus on that important work.

But if you decide to work multiple programs, it doesn’t have to be a burden or a curse.

People in recovery call it being a “double winner” – with more than a healthy bit of sarcasm – but the truth is that being a double or even triple winner only increases the effects of recovery on your life.

And that’s the real prize.

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