What is Group Therapy & The Benefits in Tustin Rehab?

Tustin Rehab

Tustin Rehab

A comprehensive Tustin rehab program will involve participation in both group and individual therapies to achieve best results for addicts. Both these therapies contribute to each other, as the insights and skills gained in one complement those in the other. The best drug and alcohol treatment plans will include both of them.

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What Does Group Therapy Involve?

Group therapy gives you the chance to learn new skills to cope with the underlying problems and gain hope. It will also help you meet other people who have similar problems and struggles. You can form long-lasting friendships in group therapy Tustin rehab centers.

Types of Group Counseling Sessions

Group counseling can take different forms based on your needs. It can be of various types and the choice of the right therapy for you will depend on your Tustin rehab program.

1. Support Groups

Addicts can participate in support groups where they can get encouragement while going through the recovery process. You can also share your thoughts about the frustrations faced during the process. You can also:

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Express your beliefs in a positive way
  • Deal with confrontations positively

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The underlying concept behind CBT is that your behavior depends on your thoughts. It focuses on changing the way you think and look at the way. This can help you in leading a positive and healthier life. CBT helps you in identifying your negative thoughts and replacing them with constructive ones.

3. Skills Development Groups

When faced with a problem, most addicts will simply turn to the substance. They don’t remember how to deal with problems or stress. This aspect of group therapy in Tustin rehab helps you in learning about new skills to deal with issues and stress in your daily life.

4. Psycho-Educational Sessions

Such group sessions teach you about the nature of your addiction problem. They can also involve your family and other important people in your life.

5. Experiential Group Sessions

These types of group sessions in Tustin rehab centers help further improve your life skills. You will be practicing your coping skills in real-life situations, but under the supervision of therapist. The goal is to cause triggers and then teach you how to handle them to maintain your sobriety in realistic situations.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group drug therapy has been proven to be highly effective for a long time. It benefits addicts in many ways.

  • Group therapy in a Tustin rehab center will mean that you are surrounded by many similar people who are there to support you achieve your goals towards recovery.
  • You can learn from other members and their challenges. You can also identify your triggers and find solutions to how to deal with them.
  • Participating in group sessions also gives you an opportunity to try new behaviors.  You are able to try new ways of thinking before you enter the real world.

As a human you learn and grow from others. Thus, participation in a Tustin rehab group is also a natural way of recovering from addiction.