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Recovery is a patient and multi-faceted healing process. Though the initial stage of inpatient treatment is often the most important, each subsequent stage of this process is equally important with regard to an individual’s long-term success at our Irvine facility. A Irvine sober living facility ensures that this second and crucial step of recovery receives the attention and expertise it requires to get the best result. You can take a tour of the Sober Living Irvine Home at any time.

While providing a safe and nurturing environment for recovering individuals, sober living facilities continue the work begun during inpatient treatment, including addressing concurrent issues such as depression, eating disorders, PTSD, and other difficult issues. Sober living Irvine facilities seek to assist individuals in becoming re-integrated into day-to-day life during this important stage of the rehab and recovery process.


A sober living facility or halfway house, provides a safe and nurturing environment for those who are leaving inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. For those who need assistance with afflictions beyond drug and alcohol addiction, including mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, sober living homes Irvine offer a space to begin processing these issues.

Often referred to as transitional sober living, structured living, post-care services, or halfway houses, all sober living facilities share one goal: to assist addicted individuals in taking the next step toward a life of recovery and sobriety.

We provide our clients with an environment that is simply unrivaled by any sober living facility in the world. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality has made Serenity the industry standard for premier sober living worldwide.

It is our goal to ease the burden of transition by facilitating complete comfort in a beautiful sober living environment. By providing the tools, support and security needed to foster an atmosphere of peace and freedom, we give clients a space in which to focus fully on their recovery at our Sober Living Homes Irvine.

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