What are the Different Types of Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs?


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What are the Different Types of Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs?

There are different types of Rehab Orange County programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Inpatient and outpatient treatments are the two most commonly used programs. Find out what these treatments stand for and what are their benefits.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment involves moving into a Rehab Orange County facility for full time. You will be living in the facility along with other addicts who are also facing similar problems. The process will involve detoxification, counseling and aftercare. This type of treatment is ideally suited for addicts who cannot live in their home due to fear of relapse and have severe addiction.

There are many advantages of choosing inpatient program.

Round the Clock Supervision

When you join an inpatient Rehab Orange County program, you will be getting round-the-clock medical care. This will be important for those who have a long and severe history of addiction. You will get complete medical care during the detox process. They will also manage various psychiatric and medical conditions too. You will also get medical attention during the withdrawal phase.

Eliminating Distraction

In an inpatient treatment center you will be in an environment without any distraction. This will allow you to focus solely on your recovery. This can play an important role in helping with treating the drug or alcohol abuse. You will be removed from the triggers that could cause a relapse.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is also provided by a Rehab Orange County center but you will not have to stay there round the clock. It will have different features similar to the inpatient program. But you will not have to stay in the facility at nighttime. This type of treatment is suited more for those who don’t have severe addiction or those who cannot afford to take leave from their normal duties.

Advantages of Outpatient Rehab

There are many advantages of an outpatient Rehab Orange County program. You can continue with your daily work routine or continue with your education. This type of program allows you to easily move from advanced care to an independent life. It will give you the opportunity to manage your stress and life events more effectively. You will be learning and testing your life skills while making efforts to prevent relapse in your normal life routine.

Outpatient Rehab Orange County programs are also less expensive compared to inpatient care. You will be able to spend the night at your home or spend just a few hours of your time at the facility. You will not have to cut off from your family obligations.

Common Duration of Rehab Programs

The most common Rehab Orange County programs can last the following duration:

28- or 30-Day Programs

Such rehab programs take you through the detox process and learn more about your addiction problem. You will be participating in counseling sessions.

60-Day Program

This type of Rehab Orange County program provides you more time to treat your addiction problem and build a sober lifestyle. The initial 30 days are usually spent in treatment involving detoxification and withdrawal.

90-Day Program

A 90-day program is usually suggested for drug or alcohol addicts who have severe addiction. This program also offers higher rate of recovery.

So keep these types of addiction treatments in mind when choosing the right one for yourself or a loved one.

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