4 Benefits of Joining Orange County Recovery Residences


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4 Benefits of Joining a Recovery Residence in Orange County 

Once you have completed your inpatient rehab program, Orange County Recovery Residences can help you transition comfortably to your normal life. They act as the intermediate setup between rehabilitation and your Recovery Residence. You will get more time for developing your skills required for leading a healthier life. It may not be as strict as a rehab facility, it does provide support and structure.

Here are the main benefits of choosing Recovery Residences after your rehab.

1. Comfortable Transition

It is difficult to remain sober after having completed your rehab program. Usually, most people will go through this phase successfully without any relapse. But it is not an easy phase. There is a good chance that you can slip back. Orange County Recovery Residences give you smooth transition from the strict and controlled environment of a rehab center and the difficulties of the real world. If you are finding it challenging to manage your sobriety on your own, you should consider joining a Recovery Residence.

2. Support for Recovery

Those providing care and support at Orange County Recovery Residences are mostly professionals or those undergoing recovery. This means that you will be getting support from like-minded people who know everything about addiction problem. You will also get different types of therapies including the 12-step group sessions. Besides staff and housemates will also be available round the clock.

3. No More Loneliness

Loneliness and boredom are some of the leading causes for relapse. When you are recovering, you shouldn’t be in situations where you are solitary. In many cases, family and friends could be the triggers who contributed to the addiction problem. They could be hindrances to your recovery. In such a case, it will be best to spend your post-rehab time in an Orange County Recovery Residence.

Boredom and isolation can be big triggers for relapse. As a recovery addict, you must ensure that you are connected to your community. At the same time your community should be understanding of your situation. Most sober homes will emphasize on active social participation and support where you are supported in reinforcing the concepts of sober living.

4. More Discipline

Most Orange County Recovery Residences will have a disciplined environment with strict rules. They may not be as strict as in the rehab facility, but there will be enough discipline to help you feel relaxed. It is going to play a crucial role in preventing you from a relapse. This is going to make the recovery process more stable. Chances are that you will not be able to maintain the level of discipline in your home.

Many Orange County Recovery Residences get the residents to participate in the maintenance and repair of the home facility itself. Everyone gets a role and this gives you a sense of belonging and responsibility.

All these factors make Orange County Recovery Residences a great way to make your drug or alcohol addiction recovery more effective, long-lasting and safer.

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