How to Address Challenges in an Orange County Drug Rehab Program?

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Many times addiction is a problem that is associated to mental health disorders or even trauma. There are many underlying challenges that make treatment more difficult. If you are going to choose an Orange County drug rehab, you should know about certain truths. Otherwise, you can find your recovery to be complicated and even a challenge…

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Orange County Drug Rehab


Many times people look at Orange County drug rehab treatment as a challenge for a number of reasons.

1. Unrealistic Expectations

Many addicts think that recovering from drug or alcohol addiction will mean that they return to a healthy and happy life without much effort. They think that all they have to do is get admitted to an Orange County drug rehab facility. They are taken aback when they realize that the journey to full recovery is not that easy. Such addicts suffer from dry drunk syndrome.

2. Pink Cloud Syndrome

Things may seem to be too easy and effortless during the early part of the Orange County drug rehab. You may feel that the whole treatment is going to be the same. But most addicts can suffer a setback when they realize that the pink cloud has come to an end and they begin facing challenges. Many will simply stop putting more effort into their treatment.

3. Lack of Motivation

Many addicts don’t have the motivation required to maintain their sober status. Many such people are simply looking for a reason or an excuse to start using the drug again. You should look at challenges as a way to grow instead of returning back to where you started from. It is a slow process and requires a strong will to continue with the recovery. An Orange County drug rehab facility’s job is to make the process as easier and safer for you by providing all the support and supervision required.

Many times it is the very fear of facing difficult situations and challenges in life that causes people to become addict. The use of drugs works as a way out of their problems. This attitude has to be changed during recovery, otherwise there is a very high risk of relapse.

Mental Health Issues

As part of any Orange County drug rehab program it is important to address all underlying mental health disorders. This is often referred to as dual diagnosis rehab. Such a program can focus on treating different mental health problems including:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Abuse
  • Post traumatic stress syndrome
  • Schizophrenia

Every individual is different and has a unique addiction problem. You should focus on finding an Orange County drug rehab facility that provides the kind of treatment that is best suited for your addiction problem and the underlying mental disorder, if any. The right treatment will also help you learn coping skills required to address the difficulties that you face during the process of recovery. Most types of effective programs will have sessions where the addicts are taught these skills.

So make sure to choose a rehab program carefully – something that is best suited to your condition.

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Orange County Drug Rehab