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Los Angeles Rehab

Los Angeles Rehab

Addiction is a kind of disease but you can get addicted to a substance for a wide range of reasons. It will cause almost similar results in different cases, but the underlying cause of the problem will be different in different cases. The unique thing about Los Angeles Rehab is that there is no specific treatment that can be assured to work on all people suffering from addiction to a drug or alcohol. This is the reason rehab centers use different methods and programs to help addicts so that they can recover.

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Los Angeles Rehab


Individual therapy is one such technique and it can be a better method for you at many levels.

What is Individual Addiction Counseling?

Individual therapy has been found to be effective in fighting addiction problem. It has also been found to be helpful in maintaining sobriety in many people. There is a more or less similar individual drug therapy concept that is used by most Los Angeles rehab centers to help recovering addicts not only achieve sobriety but also maintain it.

Goal – The objective behind the one-on-one counseling model is to help an addict through the detox process, to bring changes to their cravings, and to address the underlying problems to stop relapse.

A typical individual drug program can involve the 12-step program. You will also be asked to join support groups when you are able to. The program is designed in a way that your specific needs are satisfied so that you achieve sobriety.

How Individual Drug Abuse Counseling Help?

There are so many benefits of joining a Los Angeles rehab program that involves one on one therapy.

  • It helps in adding more privacy to your treatment. Many people don’t want to share their story with groups of people. Many want to ensure their privacy for professional reasons.
  • Another benefit is that you will get more time from the counselor to work on your problems. You can openly discuss your problems when there is no one else involved. You don’t expect others to judge you. The therapist can address deeper issues that could have caused the addiction problem.
  • Many times you are too occupied with your own issues. Group therapies can mean listening to the problems of others. Many addicts may not have the patience for group therapies.
  • Individual Los Angeles rehab sessions can be arranged based on your own schedule. You will not have to adjust your own schedule to join in group sessions.

Individual therapy can help address impaired functioning more effectively compared to other Los Angeles rehab treatment methods. It will focus on short-term behavioral goals. You will learn how to build coping skills and the tools needed to abstain from the use of the substance. It can also make referrals for essential psychiatric, medical and employment services.

So if you are looking for a more effective Los Angeles rehab program, make sure that it specifically includes individual therapy. Although other therapies can also play their own role, this is a must have therapy in a drug de-addiction program.