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When you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, you should look for the right Laguna Niguel Rehab center. Your doctor can recommend whether you need inpatient or outpatient treatment and you can decide based on your professional and personal commitments. However, you must also ensure that the rehab facility is licensed, offers quality care, has follow-up care services, and has certified staff.

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Laguna Niguel Rehab

Here are the main factors to look into when choosing the right Laguna Niguel Rehab centers for treating your addiction problem.

Factors to Consider

Make sure to research the following factors about a rehab center to assess your options and compare them.

  • Is the rehab center licensed? Is the staff certified?
  • What is the goal of the Laguna Niguel Rehab center?
  • Does the facility have any waiting list and how long will it take you to get admission?
  • If the facility offers inpatient treatment, how long do they suggest you to stay?
  • Can your insurance cover the program? How will they bill it?
  • Does the program allow your family to visit and meet you? Does the program involve family therapy sessions?
  • What kind of medical support is available? Do they offer medical supervision during detoxification?
  • Get list of all the services offered for the fees? They should provide a list of all the activities and therapies covered in the program, including individual counseling to group therapy and everything.
  • Are there any options for additional activities like fitness or massage therapy?
  • Find out the therapeutic model used as the base by the Laguna Niguel Rehab . It can be cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step program, or hazelden-style approach.
  • What recovery or sobriety programs do they have to help prepare you for your return to your normal life and outside world?
  • How experienced is their staff in dealing with your kind of addiction problem?

Evidence Based Rehab

Make sure to choose a Laguna Niguel Rehab facility that offers only evidence based treatment. The therapies used at the center must be research based, which have been proven in universities and research centers to help addicts achieve and maintain sobriety. Many such centers are affordable because they receive grants and donations.

Individualized Rehab Programs

It is also recommended to choose more individualized rehab programs compared to those that are not. The right treatment will help you find the underlying causes and heal them. These causes can be in the form of emotional or mental triggers. Make sure that the program does include an individual counseling session on almost a daily basis.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Laguna Niguel Rehab program should not have group therapy. Groups also play a crucial role in the recovery process. An ideal treatment will involve the perfect mixture of different types of therapies while focusing on your individual needs. So look for all these factors when choosing the best rehab program and center for treating your addiction problem.