7 Reasons for Joining an Inpatient Irvine rehab Program


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When looking for a drug or alcohol rehab program, there are a number of treatment options available to patients in Irvine. Inpatient drug rehab is considered one of the most intensive and helps in increasing the success rate of completing the treatment program. Here are 7 reasons why you should also consider joining an inpatient Irvine rehab program. Click here or call (949)734-7432


1. It Gives You a Disciplined Environment

Inpatient Irvine rehab programs are well organized, structured and offer a more disciplined environment. Most importantly, you will not get free time, which means preventing negative thoughts relate to the drug or alcohol. This helps prevent the risk of a relapse.

2. It Removes Negative Influences

When you are admitted to an inpatient rehab center, you are removed from all types of negative influences. Whether the negative influence was from your friends, colleagues or others, you are not allowed to meet anyone except your family, but only for a few hours a week. This helps in keeping you out of touch with people who are likely to trigger your addiction problem.

3. No More Access to the Substance

Because you are confined to the Irvine rehab center 24 hours a day, you can no longer access the drug or alcohol. You cannot return to your home and access the substance.

4. Get Treated in Privacy

Most people don’t want their friends, colleagues and neighbors to know that they are undergoing drug or alcohol addiction rehab. Inpatient Irvine rehab programs can help in maintaining your privacy. You will be at the facility for a few weeks or months, which can be explained as a visit, a break or a vacation.

5. Get 24×7 Medical Supervision

Withdrawal symptoms from both drug and alcohol addiction can be severe and may even prove fatal if not addressed medically. The symptoms can become worse depending on the duration of addiction and the substance. An inpatient irvine rehab program means that you will get 24×7 medical supervision. You will be supervised by teams of qualified doctors and nurses who will provide you medications to ease the symptoms.

6. You Can Focus on Yourself

An inpatient drug or alcohol rehab program allows you to focus completely on the self. You are not worried of other aspects of your life. There will be no outside distractions, either from work or family. Thus, you can focus entirely on your recovery.

7. Access to More Therapies

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs offer multiple therapy options including exercise, meditation and yoga, massage, and Pilates. These therapies help you in different ways including releasing stress, improving focus, and boosting mental and physical health. As part of your Irvine rehab program, these therapies can significantly improve the overall success of the recovery process.

There are many studies that show that both inpatient and outpatient irvine rehab programs offer similar success rates in patients completing their treatment. But studies also show that inpatient rehab patients are 2 times more likely to complete the treatment compared to their outpatient counterparts.