Why You Should Choose IOP Program for Addiction?


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Why You Should Choose IOP Orange County Program for Addiction?

If you or someone in your family has a drug or alcohol addition, there are many reasons an intensive outpatient treatment could be the best option. Also called IOP Orange County, this treatment provides you lots of flexibility. Explore the different reasons why this could be the best option for you while recovering from an addiction problem. These programs are usually 4 to 12 weeks long and help in getting positive results from the addiction recovery.

Benefits of an IOP Program

  • Maintain Daily Activities – In an IOP Orange County program, you are able to maintain your daily activities such as your family chores, work, and education while also getting the required treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Support – You will have access to all kinds of support from the facility. The support can be related to medication, family therapy, one-on-one counseling, and wide range of evaluations.
  • Life Skills – An IOP Orange County allows you to learn life skills that can be practiced in your day-to-day routine.
  • Surrounded By Like-Minded People – Community support is one of the biggest factors in addiction recovery. It may not always be possible to get that support in your immediate social surroundings. But you can find that kind of support in a rehab facility. You will not only have medical staff to help you, there will be other patients with similar problems you can share your story with.

Types of Therapies in IOP

An IOP Orange County program has the following types of therapies to help you recover.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is one of the most important elements of IOP Orange County programs. These sessions have the patients discuss their problems with a larger group having patients and counselors. You will be able to learn how you can lead a better and healthy lifestyle and avoid drug abuse. Such a center gives you a safe place and understanding people who will listen to you.

Such honest discussions to counselors and groups help you feel relaxed. It is extremely crucial for people with addiction to share their thoughts, problems and motivations. The more self aware you become, the better will be the recovery. Most importantly, you will learn that you are not alone. There are many others like you with similar addiction problems. You will also realize that recovery from your problem is possible.

Individual Therapy

One on one therapy is also an important element of IOP Orange County programs. These sessions help you focus on your needs. In this case, the counselor will be focused on your particular situation. You will also get care at the individual level. Once you have addressed the obstacles to the recovery process, you will be able to spend more of your time in group sessions.

The IOP Orange County may also cover cognitive behavior therapy and workshops. You will learn new ways of thinking to prevent you from getting back into negative lifestyle. You could learn how to channelize your thoughts and emotions for positive outcomes. So if you want to remain close to your family while undergoing drug or alcohol recovery, you should consider this type of program.

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