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     Rehabilitation Center Orange County

How to Choose The Best Detox Center Orange County?

If you are suffering from an addiction problem, you should get immediate professional help. But different individuals require different types of treatments. It is not a one-size-fits-all policy in this case. The choice of the Rehabilitation center Orange County will also vary from one addict to another. Here are the most common types of rehab centers and their features.

Residential Rehab Centers

As the name suggests, this type of Rehabilitation center Orange County will require that the addict person stay at the facility 24 hours throughout the duration of the program. Here you will be focusing on recovery and you will be removed from your normal environment and community. Drug or alcohol rehab specialists will be available round the clock to take care of you, especially in dealing with the challenge of recovery.

There are 2 main types of programs offered in such Rehabilitation center Orange County:

  • Long Term Rehab – Such programs are 60 days or longer in their duration. Evidence shows that such longer programs are more effective in patient recovery. You will be staying in the center throughout the recovery period. Thus, you will be able to focus solely on your recovery by drawing attention away from outer distractions. You will also not be able to get access to the substance. It can be the best kind of care because it’s more comprehensive and is not interrupted. There is minimal risk of a relapse.
  • Short-Term Rehab – This is also a residential program conducted in a Rehabilitation center Orange County. But it lasts only for up to a month. Most of the time this type of program is suggested for those whose addiction is not as severe. The recovery may not be as long-lasting as in the long-term program. But it will still help you get out of your situation that actually led to the addiction problem. The chances of success may not be as high as in the long term program, it is still high.

Outpatient Care Rehab

Rehab centers providing outpatient care are quite popular. Such a Rehabilitation center Orange County helps in maintaining a balance between the support and care of a professional rehab facility and the risks of living your normal life. In this case, the patient has a higher responsibility role to play because he or she can have access to the substance. This is not the case with inpatient rehab programs.

An outpatient Rehabilitation center Orange County will also provide you medical and professional support. However, you will be visiting the facility for a few hours during day time. You may also opt to go to work and carry out your normal duties. It will also offer you almost the same therapies available in inpatient programs. But you can return home and live with your family.

These are the main types of Rehabilitation center Orange County. You should choose the right facility based on your needs and how severe your addiction problem is.

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