Clean Path Behavioral Health’s Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox provides the necessary detoxification services to assist you or your loved one on the right path to success in recovery.

Detox from drugs and/or alcohol helps to provide a sound foundation for the treatment process.

Detox is the safest option to cleanse the body of any substances of abuse. Trying to quit illicit drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol without observation is very dangerous as withdrawal symptoms vary and can be fatal if not treated under the correct supervision.

Clean Path Behavioral Health’s sub-acute detox program provides the means for clients to undergo a professional and safe drug or alcohol detox to assure the beginning of a successful treatment process. When you arrive at our facility, a thorough initial intake will be completed. Discussing the substances of abuse and the length of use will help us to determine the duration of time the drug or alcohol detox process will take. Usually this process can be completed in as little as three to seven days. You will be fully evaluated by a Medical Doctor to assist you during the detoxification process.

Detox does not have to be uncomfortable and Clean Path Behavioral Health will assure that it isn’t, there are medications that can ease the process and calm the mind. For instance, if you are struggling with opiate or heroin addiction SUBOXONE® may assist you through the drug detox process. Clean Path Behavioral Health believes that for some individual’s drug assisted treatment may be an option.

When your detox is completed, Clean Path Recovery is there to provide the continuum of care that you’ll need. Every clients Drug or Alcohol rehab program will be individually specialized to help you maintain abstinence, develop healthy habits, and establish the life skills required for a successful recovery.

Clean Path Behavioral Health provides Prescription Drug Detox Programs for

  • Adderall Detox
  • Ambien Detox
  • Amphetamines Detox
  • Ativan Detox
  • Barbiturates Detox
  • Benzodiazepines Detox
  • Codeine Detox
  • Dexedrine Detox
  • Halcion Detox
  • Hydrocodone Detox
  • Inhalants Detox
  • Klonopin Detox
  • Ketamine Detox
  • Librium Detox
  • Opioids Detox
  • Oxycontin Detox
  • Painkillers Detox
  • Percocet Detox
  • Ritalin Detox
  • Valium Detox
  • Vicodin Detox
  • Xanax Detox

Substance Abuse Detox Programs

  • Cocaine Detox
  • Crack Cocaine Detox
  • Designer Drugs (Spice, Bath Salts) Detox
  • Heroin Detox
  • Marijuana Detox
  • MDMA (Ecstasy) Detox
  • Methamphetamine Detox
  • Opiates Detox
  • PCP Detox

Alcohol Abuse Detox Programs

  • Beer Detox
  • Liquor Detox
  • Wine Detox

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