What are the Different Types of Rehab Programs You Should Consider?


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If you or your loved one has drug or alcohol addiction, you should seek help as fast as possible. There are different types of City of Orange Rehab programs, and you want to choose one that offers best chances of recovery. When you know about the different options, it can go a long way in helping you make the right choice. So here are the most commonly used treatment methods for drug or alcohol addiction.

Medical Detoxification

Based on the severity of your addiction problem, the  City of Orange Rehab center can recommend medical detox. It involves medical monitoring through the withdrawal process. It plays a crucial role in healing your body from substance dependency. This process can last for up to a week. There will be medical doctors and nurses to address any kind of medical problems. You will be under round the clock supervision and can be provided medications too. While detoxification is a part of most treatment options in City of Orange Rehab centers, there are different types of treatments that follow after it.

Residential Treatment

As part of a residential treatment program, you will be spending 24 hours a day in the facility. These programs last from 3 to 6 months and helps you live in an environment where you will not find the temptation and stress which exists in your normal life. In such treatment, you are able to focus solely on the process of recovery. These programs are also called as inpatient rehab programs.

Outpatient Treatment

If you cannot afford to live away from your home during treatment, you should consider joining an outpatient rehab program. Many people have obligations that require them to continue with their routine tasks. In this case, you will be visiting the City of Orange Rehab center for a few hours daily and then return in the evening.

Women’s Drug Rehab

Many women want to choose a City of Orange Rehab center that is safe for them. There are such programs which are specifically designed for treating women. You will find such centers to be safer. Besides, you could also talk openly about your problems like:

  • Other issues which are affecting your addiction problem.
  • Self image problems.
  • Co-dependency problems that you cannot discuss with others.
  • Past history of sexual abuse.

Teen Drug Rehabilitation

Usually, there are different underlying reasons and factors leading to addiction in teens, compared to those in adults. There are certain treatment programs which are designed for teens. They can also involve their families in the healing process. The best teen rehab programs are based on addressing these crucial factors. Thus, they have very high chances of helping teen addicts get back to their normal life.

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Many times an addiction patient can have certain mental illness accompanying the addiction problem. Such patients are recommended to join dual diagnosis rehab programs. They are at high risk and need special care which can involve both psychiatric counseling and addiction treatment in a City of Orange Rehab center. Once you know about the different treatment options available in the City of Orange Rehab centers, it will become easier to make the right choice.