What Are Types & Signs of Alcohol Problems?


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What Are The Different Types & Signs of Alcohol Problems?

Alcohol abuse is a condition that affects millions all across the world. Different people have problem with alcohol for various reasons. Anxiety, stress, anger, problems at work or in the family can be the trigger factors. Whatever the cause, you can seek Alcohol Rehab Newport Beach help to stop the addiction and lead a healthy lifestyle.

What are the Signs of Alcohol Problem?

Alcohol use disorder is a condition when your drinking habit causes harm or distress in your life. Alcohol problem can vary from mild to severe. There are many signs that can mean that you are suffering from a problem with alcohol.

  • Several times you drank more or longer than what you intended
  • You suffered from craving for more drinks
  • Many times you desired if you could reduce or stop drinking, but without any success
  • You realized that drinking affected the way you took care of your family. It caused problems with your job or school.
  • You need to join an Alcohol Rehab Newport Beach program when you start getting withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking. Some of these symptoms include sleeping problem, irritability, depression, nausea, anxiety, and restlessness.
  • You continue drinking even when it caused so many problems for your family, friends and workplace.
  • You got into situations after drinking that put you at risk of getting hurt.
  • You stopped with the healthy activities that were once important and interested you a lot, just to drink.

If you kept drinking even when you realize that it makes you feel depressed, you should get help at an Alcohol Rehab Newport Beach. Memory problems are also signs that you have a problem. If you begin drinking more and more just to get the same effects as earlier. It will also mean that you have an alcohol problem.

Types of Alcoholism

There are different types of alcoholics having different types of problems and symptoms. You should choose an Alcohol Rehab Newport Beach program depending on the kind of problem you are suffering from. The main factors for differentiating between the types are the risk factors and your drinking behavior.

The different types of alcoholics or alcohol abuse are as following:

  • Young Adult – This forms the largest group of alcoholic sub types, but they are least likely to get help in Alcohol Rehab Newport Beach.
  • Young Antisocial – This group belongs to the mid twenty age group. They are in the early stages of alcohol based issues. They mostly suffer from various mental health problems including anxiety.
  • Functional – This is the middle aged group that has a job and is educated.
  • Intermediate Familial – This is also the middle aged group but have had alcohol problem in their family for many generations.
  • Chronic Severe –  This is the smallest group of alcoholics and you should never weight to join a Alcohol Rehab Newport Beach if you belong to this group. This group not only has alcoholism in the family for several generations, they also suffer from personality disorders and various mental health problems.

If you are having any type of alcoholic problem, you should immediately join a Alcohol Rehab Newport Beach program to get help.

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