For many individuals seeking alcohol abuse treatment, Clean Path Behavioral Health’s Alcohol Detox Program is the initial step to beginning a successful recovery process.

Alcohol detox is the safest option to cleanse the body of any substances of abuse. Trying to quit alcohol addiction without observation is very dangerous as withdrawal symptoms vary and can be fatal if not treated under the correct supervision.

Clean Path Behavioral Health’s sub-acute detox program provides the means for clients to undergo a professional and safe alcohol detox to assure the beginning of a successful treatment process. When you arrive at our facility, a thorough initial intake will be completed. Discussing the patterns and the length of use will help us to determine the duration of time the alcohol detox process will take. Usually this process can be completed in as little as three to five days. You will be fully evaluated by a Medical Doctor to assist you during the detox process. Detox does not have to be uncomfortable and Clean Path Behavioral Health will assure that it isn’t there are medications that can ease the process and calm the mind. For instance, if you are struggling with alcohol withdrawals Ativan® may assist you through the alcohol detox process. Clean Path Behavioral Health believes that for some individual’s drug assisted treatment may be an option.

It doesn’t matter what your preferred beverage may be (beer, wine or hard liquor) or how much you consume. It all comes down to that uncontrollable need that has to be fulfilled, commonly known as the craving for alcohol. It’s this uncontrollable urge that effects ones willpower to resist drinking.


If you think you may have a drug problem, or know someone who is struggling with substance abuse, taking the initial steps to get assistance from the downward spiral of drug addiction, our drug detox program may just save your life.

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Clean Path Behavioral Health’s Alcohol Rehab offers the support and treatment that will enable you to stop using alcohol and reclaim your life. CPBH can help the alcoholic address underlying and co-occurring disorders that cause the uncontrollable cravings and help the individual understand why they drink.

One of the benefits of a detox program is that your personal treatment plan can be customized to suit your specific situation. Every patient has different needs. For example, an alcohol detox program may be based on the amount and types of alcohol you are currently drinking. This is an important point because alcohol detox can be quite different from drug detox. Your personalized detox program may also be designed to include other factors such as relevant medical or co-occurring dual diagnosis conditions.

Every potential client is tested to assure they are drug and alcohol free upon intake. When a potential client does test positive for alcohol, Clean Path Behavioral Health will assist them with a detox program.

Our drug detox facilities are located in beautiful Orange County, CA and offer comfortable home-like settings with 24 hour medically assisted monitoring and transportation provided to and from our therapy, education centers and other activities.

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